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Recommended process design and next steps

Structured sales process to optimise price, timing and general terms by means of increased competition Traditional marketing package (IM, FDP, etc.) with a specific deadline for offers and detailed bid instructions.

Anticipated field of 15-25 carefully selected investors based on preliminary soft-testing prior to process kick-off Suitable mix of domestic, Nordic and international core+/value-add investors.

W&I insurance may be considered to ensure a “cleaner” exit, making sales proceeds fully available at closing Taking out a W&I insurance will eliminate the need for escrow or other means of security / financial reserves.

Preparation of suitable VDD package may be considered to ensure that all red flags are raised before exclusivity All known red flags are clarified as early as possible to maintain process momentum and avoid loss of negotiation power.

Process design Next steps

ASAP: Initiation of process preparations to be ready to kick-off process shortly after soft-testing Notification to advisor team(s), compilation of documents, preparation of financial data package (FDP), etc.

Start-October: Soft-testing of investors to confirm the appetite for the Portfolio and narrow down the investor list Final short list of recommended investors is forwarded for the Seller’s approval before the process is initiated.

Post soft-testing (assuming positive feedback): ”Full speed ahead” with preparations followed by process kick-off Preparation of all process material, including VDD material (if any), and distribution of NDAs to selected investors.

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If unexpected feedback from soft-testing: Adjustment of sales strategy and process design to match investor appetite Clarification of potential sub-portfolios and re-launch of preparations according to new sales strategy and timeline.

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