Project Grid

Background and purpose

Background Aurora North (Aurora), represented by Kristian Foss and Hannibal Søberg, has asked Colliers International Investment Services A/S (Colliers) to provide a proposal for sell-side advisory services in relation to the possible exit of a portfolio of industrial and logistics properties (the Portfolio) held by Ares Management Corporations (the Seller or the Client). For the purpose of this presentation, we will refer to the possible transaction as Project Grid. The Portfolio comprises a total of some 229,000 sq m distributed on 18 properties, of which two properties are currently under construction with scheduled completions in H1 2024. All properties in the Portfolio are situated in Denmark in attractive and strategic locations with motorway proximity.

Purpose This presentation outlines Colliers’ recommendations and service offerings in connection with the possible sale of the Portfolio. To provide the Client with a good basis for decision-making, the presentation includes a introduction of the Portfolio, an assessment of the marketability of the Portfolio, an outline of the sales story as Colliers sees it, a recommended sales process design and timing, along with an estimated price expectation. Additionally, the presentation includes an overview of Colliers’ track record of successful comparable transactions, and a proposal for sell-side advisory services, should the Client decide to initiate a sale of the Portfolio.

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