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No cure, no pay We take pride in the fact that we always work on a true ‘no cure, no pay’ fee principle with no hidden retainers, no abortive fees and no reimbursement of various out-of-pocket expenses. Colliers pays all costs relating to the preparation of the marketing/process material, including professional photos, copy, design and printing of materials. However, the Client is expected to pay directly for costs associated with any legal, technical and financial/tax advice in relation to the proposed transaction. Proposed fee structure Upon a successful sale of the Portfolio, Colliers is entitled to a success fee consisting of a base fee up to an agreed threshold value (base fee) plus a potential incentive-based fees (kicker): 1) Base fee of 0.35% of the agreed value of the properties in the Portfolio up to a threshold value of DKK 1,763m 2) Kicker of 5.00% of the part of the agreed value of the properties in the Portfolio that exceeds DKK 1,763m If the transaction is structured as share deals as anticipated, the basis of the calculation of the fee shall be the agreed value of the properties in the Portfolio as stated in the closing balances. If the LCGT is not fully recognised in the closing balance, the amount ‘saved’ will be added to the property value when calculating the fee. Furthermore, the fee will in this instance be exempt from Danish VAT.

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